The Giver

I read this book last year when i was in grade seven but i forgot most of whats in the book. The book i am reading is called the The Giver. I only read the first chapter and am starting on the second. I thought this book is very interesting Because there is no color,fear,pain or war. The people in this book always Share their dreams they have, in the mornings while they are having breakfast. They also share their feelings they have in the evenings while they are having the dinner. 

Christmas time is here

There are only 9 more days until Christmas. My family tradition is every Christmas eve we go to church a 9 o’clock for one hour. Then after that me and my whole entire family including all of my cousins,Uncles and aunts all go to my house at 10 o’clock.

When we get there  all of us just hang around and play games until 12 o’cock am we  start opening all of our presents . Normally everyone gets more then three presents.Then  at 1 o’clock pm we ars going to one of my aunties house and then we ar egoing to have a really big dinner.

All About My Trip!!

hi so Last week on the 9th me and my class and the grade 7’s went to Edmonton to go the Telus World of Science for the Body worlds presentation.body-worlds-pic

I learned a lot of things there it interesting and fun but kinda gross because we saw body parts and all the other gross stuff. did you know that Dr.gunther von hagens invented Plasination in 1977 and that your left lung is a bit smaller than the right, to leave room for your heart.

It took 1500 hours to plastinate one whole body to prepare. right now Dr.vVon hagens is plastinating an elephant Which had died in a German Zoo. This plastination will take about Three years.

Hello People!!

Hello people . This is my first blog and i am so glad of having my own website.  School is pretty cool but it is kinda getting boring because my school is kinda small. I have a lot a lot of friends. They are all so great. I love them all.

l love my mp3 because it has so much music on it. Ya i am so a music person I seriously love music.It is my hobby. I love all kind of music.